A 3 minute video examining local steel vs. off shore steel.
Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
A 30 second video examining the additional costs for offshore steel.
A 30 second video on the value of developing a local sustainable workforce.
Adding Value to Alberta Energy Sector projects
Market test indicates that offshoring manufacturing and fabrication isn’t the solution for containing costs. By Deborah Jaremko
Hangingstone Project 1 - Case Study This presentation contains forward-looking information that involves various risks, uncertainties and other factors. All information other than statements of historical fact is forward-looking information.
Projects are undertaken because they provide value to the organization. Project value might be lowest first cost, lowest life cycle cost, improved operations, enhanced user effectiveness, or other measures.
The IPD Framework defines the relationships among the project participants and the processes that guide their actions. It embodies the project goals and creates consequences for success or failure tied to their achievement.
Integrated Project Delivery is built around teams. Early involvement of key participants is a core IPD concept, and these early participants, like virtually all IPD participants, are organized in teams.
The owner is often the party calling for change, the owner assembles the IPD team, defines the project goals, and, as you will read below, has a leadership role that is critical to project success.